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☆ Je déteste la vérité ☆

They judge me before they know me. That’s why I’m better off alone.

Stop re-infecting your old wounds. Let them heal. Forget him. Stop replacing him with boys who feel like medicine, temporary fixes to numb the pain. You don’t need a drug right now. You need fresh air, water, sun, and laughter. You need a close friend or two who will listen when you can’t get him off your mind. You need a puppy to hug and a book to read. You need a full night’s rest and then some. You need good coffee and road trips. You need music and you need to wail along to it until there’s nothing left to give. You don’t need a drug in the form of a rebound-good time right now. You need the glow of good health and the only person that can give that to you is yourself. And it’s not impossible to be fluorescent, neon, vibrant. You already radiate what’s inside of you. So take out what he put there and replace it with light and you’ll glow like the sun itself is burning inside of you.

Kayla Kathawa - we want to watch you shine (via ninakathawa)

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